possibly the best aim convo ever

Impairedreality7 (9:20:07 PM): hi my names is angela im good friends with will and todd
Impairedreality7 went away at 9:20:09 PM.
Impairedreality7 (9:20:11 PM): and im a huge slut
Impairedreality7 (9:20:15 PM): and ur so hott
crusnare14 (9:20:17 PM): oh my favorite
Impairedreality7 (9:20:19 PM): and i have to fuck you
crusnare14 (9:20:23 PM): ok when and where
Impairedreality7 (9:20:35 PM): i hear your going to todds on friday
crusnare14 (9:20:38 PM): i am
Impairedreality7 (9:20:40 PM): when can fuck then
crusnare14 (9:20:43 PM): ill bring the whole pack of condoms
Impairedreality7 (9:20:49 PM): hell yeaI
mpairedreality7 (9:20:54 PM): im a dirty cunt tho
crusnare14 (9:20:57 PM): oh
Impairedreality7 (9:20:59 PM): so i don tknow if you'll be ready
crusnare14 (9:20:59 PM): shower then?
Impairedreality7 (9:21:05 PM): haha
Impairedreality7 (9:21:14 PM): i do shower silly
crusnare14 (9:21:22 PM): oh you said you were dirty though?
Impairedreality7 (9:21:43 PM): in the bed
Impairedreality7 (9:21:46 PM): storky
crusnare14 (9:21:48 PM): baby
Impairedreality7 (9:22:03 PM): baby i love you
Impairedreality7 (9:22:08 PM): i mesan
Impairedreality7 (9:22:12 PM): i love your cock
crusnare14 (9:22:15 PM): is biiiiigg
Impairedreality7 (9:22:44 PM): its big?
Impairedreality7 (9:22:47 PM): how big
crusnare14 (9:22:53 PM): 920 feet
Impairedreality7 (9:23:35 PM): oh hell yea
crusnare14 (9:23:40 PM): take that shit
Impairedreality7 (9:23:46 PM): oh yea
Impairedreality7 (9:23:50 PM): i love it storky
crusnare14 (9:23:54 PM): you best bitch
crusnare14 (9:23:58 PM): ok i go now
crusnare14 (9:24:00 PM): fuck you later
crusnare14 (9:24:12 PM): 3<
Impairedreality7 (9:25:04 PM): haha
Impairedreality7 (9:25:11 PM): bye baby
Impairedreality7 (9:25:17 PM): i hope your ready on friday
crusnare14 (9:25:23 PM): oh, you'll see
Impairedreality7 (9:28:17 PM): baby i dotn want to see
Impairedreality7 (9:28:20 PM): i wan tto feelI
mpairedreality7 (9:28:21 PM): you
Impairedreality7 (9:28:23 PM): in
Impairedreality7 (9:28:23 PM): me

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i miss havin a gurrrrrly but i'm not gonna be stupid, i'll be strong :)

check what song i'm listening to :)


doin maps for APUSH

ps again check the song :)
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Jeff is coming back; we're moving Tuna to tenors (gonna miss him) so that way we'll be 8 (snares) - 4 (tenors) - 5 (basses) which is pretty fucking pimp. Really really wish we had 4 cymbals though, if we did I would probably touch myself at night. Check my Myspace i have the most amazing picture up ever lol, which my father demanded I take down.

Me, Steve and The Nates pulled an S.D. today lol, i went with Vicky to the bank and we talked for a while, I miss her, she's a really good friend and I am really happy with the way her and I are I guess, though I probably will always wonder what happened if i wasn't retarded.

We played video games it was pretty fun and jammed on the set and played football on African Tree Hockey (which Eric says i should play pick up games with them btw, makes me feel really good) and made fun of Steve's retardness, like : "I'm really afraid of snakes, one time i stabbed my self with a stick" hahahahahahah and many others :)

Sabres play tonight, they are up 3-1 on the Isles and should close them out tonight, wish i could watch kinda (miss a lot watching playoffs at Ann's btw, wow hard to believe that was a year ago).

Steve and I put a lot of cool stuff in the drumline thing (split roll what?) and more. We got rank of the week ;)

I was suppose to go tenising with Todd and Cru people but my parents were grrrr and i just wasn't feelin it anyways. I was also invited to go Tenising with Sydney and Tony and those people, would be fun i guess. So now I'm going to Rochester with Steve (and his Dad, wtf?) to pick up his toy truck lol. Then I was suppose to go to Greece with Steve and Dave and people but Dave's car would be full. So now we called Holly and we might meet up with her at the mall and catch a movie, Jessica may come but not lookin like it really so far.

Liz gave me cookie dough ice cream today for "her and my 1 year" :)

I hung out with Carrie today kinda, it'd be cool to see what her and I would be like kinda before she graduates, but really it's not realistic seeing, A. Nate's sister. B. I'm involved i guess with people now and stuff.

Oh well.

In a pretty tired mood, waiting for Steve to get here.
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was pretty cool

monday- i had to try on marching band unifor, same number as always (69) :] and then i went to hang with ann and ALYSSA (first time in years i missed her, she pwns) and got my hair cut, i like it, people like to be douches though, pictures at the end of end hair if i remember. Then we went to taco bell and ann was being a douche on the phone with some kid. so alyssa was like LET'S MAKE HER JEALOUS so pretty much her and I held hands and junk the rest of the night lol. we drove around a lot, i forgot how far away alyssa lives from everything, so i wasn't home until like 9:30 and my parents said if it happened again i would be with out the car for a week. so gay

tuesday- i stayed home and did homework and then got bored and drove to vicky's and we chilled it was really cool. i got home at 9:00 exactly.

Wednesday- I hung out with Jessica after school , we looked at year book and ate pizza and fun stuff and she met my people, and we started watching beerfest when steve called and then we went to walmart which was really fun. steve went poop and then jessica and i had a fun convo, oh and we saw carrie. then i went and joined steve lol and then we saw montana. then back home and more hangin with jessica, cool stuff and then i took her home, tits night.

thursday- marching band was hella gay, and something happened between drumline and marching band that made me kinda mehhhh for a bit. as usual two specific guard girls like to talk shit about me, what ev. Oh i found out one of them has the biggest crush on me ever, she told maria and jessica. both jessica and i found it ironic that she told her of all people about it lol. Maria told her that i was "with someone". idk who this lady is :(. Steve is pretty good, but he complains about everyyyyyyyyything, it is very frustrating. He's kinda been a big asshole lately too...

today-um gay school? met in the LGI for "Boy's State", idk top 40 or what ever had to go down, i felt kinda cool. We had a quiz in latin on scannin, i pwn at scanning, ill show you a picture of what it is and other junk now. Band was cool because they had a song where none of the group played in it lol, so we just messed around the whole time. and then when we were leavin i saw jessica and we tried to do a run and hug thing but she is retarded and almost broke my nose hahaha. I'm going out with Kimb and Starr maybe to the movies sooooon. as sooon as the car gets home!

pictures of last weekend and this week.

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from the Will Myhand Helped a Burntout Nigro Tenising Galla Event, Melfacelady

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from monday, she got her monroe done, i don't like it, oh well

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again from monday, this time with alyssa

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that's from the weekend obviously

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a lot has happened.

thursday- marching band and drumline and stuuffffffffx crazy

friday- in school until 1:30 (up until then thought a lot about sutffffffffx) then left for All State try-outs in Canadagua which i bombed, scored a 97, whatever. I hung out with Timmy and Donny (Timmy got a freaking 99) then I went to Gates with Danielle and her two friends (who sound exactly the same, and laugh exactly the same, and at the same time.....). I got there and i saw Melanie and went over and I signed her boob with my marker, then Melface came over and was like WAY TO NOT SAY HI, because I didn't see her. And then we tenissed a lot lol and I did alright, and O was there so we all drummed and shit and hung and tried to get Malanie to come over to Todd's lol. And i hung out with Jenn and Melfacelady pretty much a lot and it was tits.

We went back to Todd's (after trying to go to a party :-\) and watched CHilds play and talked, it was sweet. I was retarded and called someone, but it's probably a good thing they didn't answer i guess... Then the next day we hung out a lot a drummed then i had to leave (even though Tuna and Ryan were coming and so was Mel HIJFESHFDHDFH).

I went to see 300000 with Steve, we saw Sam and Sean and Matt Gibbs and people there, it was cool.

The movie was amazing.

Then we came to my house and were stupid, then to the dinner dance, with a detour to see Vicky (i miss her).

I tired really hard to get Jessica to come tennising but it just wasn't in the cards and junk.

We went to the school and Carrie was hot lol and we didn't stay long.

Then we went tenising and stuff and i did bad but it was a lot of fun, and we invented a new form of BEEF called SUICIDE hahahaha. Austin and some other kid came idk him but he was really cool. Then Nate (Jr.) and i bought condoms from the machine in the bathroom lol and they came in these weird ass rectangle box hahahaha good times and i told Nate and Nate about stufffffx and it was cool.

Then i went home and talked to Vicky and Mel (medina) on aim then went to bed.

Today=Chores, gay :-\.
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cool night/day

Went to print out my shit this morning, didn't work, dad got pissed, tolds steve to go with out me. him and maria are gay, makes me mad.

handed in my paper, then after 1st block was a concert for the older folks, it was fun i rode the drum cabnit over and hit a black girl and i felt bad. Then mr houserman was like get off that, and i was like why? and he said "its my building" then steve goes later, DID HE SAY HE BUILT IT. yeah lol

carrie blew me a kiss during the concert made me happy alot lol. she's still really pretty, idk though she flirts with too many people. plus nates sister lol

we all got back and went in the drum room and skipped 3rd block. i got paper and covered the windows so it'd be darker

OMG ON THE WAY BACK FROM THE MS THE VIbE BROKe 8975484 TIMES it was so funny, then the wheel fell off, omfg hilarious.

i ended up talkin to that black girl because she was yelling ILL PUSH YOU BITCHES then look at me and was like, not you you seem nice, and i was like cool thanks :) and i apologized for hittin her she was cool.

Mr thaine took our paper off :( and i slept through half of band, which mr thaine didn't care.

Went home, we were spose to have BP but i was told no, then i get a call at 430 sayin GET YO NIGGA ASS BITCH OVA HERE so i waited for the car to come home and drove it to ace hardware where carser and toyn were. i saw jessica, she was kinda jerky but it's cool i love her.

then they were like RACE BITCH and i got there like 10 mins before they did and didn't speed lol. good times

we pretty much just jammed all bp, fun but not productive lol. then i called steve and said i want vicky to come (we told her earlier but i already passed her house on the way out) and i went and picked up vicky eventually and we went to pizza hut and it was cool

then i had to take her home so i drove around albion a lot, stopped at dales (dales folded so no cars there), where we just talked, it was cool. i wanted to talk a lot longer, but we both had to go, and we saw a scary dude in the road on our way home. she made me turn around to see him but he got in some car, which he perseeded to get out of at the butts road intersection (this is on state st)scary kinda. then i walked her to her door and junk. it was really fun. thought about stuff on the way home. im kinda blah now for some reason. no idea why.

cool day i guess

oh and

someone: alex's mom said you were hot

that made me really happy lol
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i gotta grow balls like alot.

i guess i gotta be an asshole.

but it's not me.

idk how to be. like even when they are mean to me im still nice. whyyyyyyyy

it's ruining stuff for me.

special person: serisouly.
special person: i would be in love with you
special person: if it werent for her
special person: i want you to know that.

so look out for the new joe stork i guess
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i like it when, after a hella long relationship with you, the person gets someone else (whtev) then CHEATS ON THEM WITH YOU and then acts like it ment nothing.

don't worry doesn't make you a bitch at all
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was like the best day in a while.

i chilled with jessica most latin, was cool, 3rd block i was soo smooothh hahaha and got a girls number (with out asking lol) and then after one pot head yucky lady was walkin and steve was like


she was like "BITE ME"
she turns around ANGRY EYES and starts power walkin my way, in my natural defense i turn and run away and go MY HUGHS, SHE STEPPED OVER THELIIIINE (jackassII) lol i am so amazing lol, steve said it was the best thing he'd ever seen lol, sweetness

after school steve and i ran a bass sectional which ended up steve working with the basses and me teachng nate quads. he's really good. like wow.

then we lost Hennis and then went to walmart which i found particularly fun :) times alot

sittin here eatin chocolate pie now, can't wait for the weekend!
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